how to change logo size in wordpress

How to Change Logo Size in WordPress

Here, I am going to start in detail that how to change logo size in WordPress Using HTML and CSS code. Also, explain the resized logo in any WordPress theme. Usually, we are providing easily method to change logo size in Html. As well as, given some examples of live WordPress themes. So, follow some […]

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change link color in wordpress

How to Change Link Color in WordPress & Hover Posts/Pages

Here, we provide a code to change link color in WordPress. Also, change the hover color of the page and post using CSS. As well as, give you the best way to change hyperlink color individual page or post. Hence, I explain to the link changing color without code. Therefore, you added a plugin and […]

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Hide Featured Image in WordPress

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post & Page

Let’s see, How you can simply hide featured image in WordPress. As well as, you can remove featured image individual posts and pages with the example of code. Here, we discuss many methods for hiding the feature images in WordPress. According to, Featured images are added to different WordPress themes in their own way. Likewise, […]

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wp_query custom post type

How to Use WP_Query to Display Custom Post Type in WordPress

Here, I am going to explain the use of wp_query to display custom post type in WordPress. Also, given the best method to apply for get custom post type data using WordPress. As well as, more discuss code with example about wp_query custom post type category and taxonomy. Now, displaying multiple ways to conditions like […]

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Where are Wordpress Pages and Posts Stored

Where are WordPress Pages and Posts Stored in HTML/Database

Here, you can see a lot of information about WordPress content stored in the database and Html. As well as, Additional information and guidance that ‘where are WordPress pages and posts stored’. There is not the physical file of the content for posts and pages stored in the WordPress directory. Actually, WordPress displaying only template […]

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how to set up woocommerce shop page

How to Set Up Woocommerce Shop Page

Firstly, I explain all about step by step that how to set up woocommerce shop page. As well as, provide some examples with the using woocommerce themes. After that, we create a shop page with the help of woocommerce shortcodes. Also, discuss step by step all example in this woocommerce shop page layout. As well […]

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woocommerce shortcodes

Woocommerce Shortcodes & Product Display / Id Example

Every woocommerce user wants to know about woocommerce shortcodes and how to use shortcodes in own pages. So we are providing some shortcodes and also explain about them. So if you are willing to learn or I have made these informative detailed notes with examples. you can Easy to use all shortcodes whole woocommerce pages […]

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PHP Vs JavaScript

PHP Vs JavaScript which is better & performance

PHP Vs JavaScript: – Hello Guess, as you all know about PHP and javascript language will tell about both of these and along with this their performance will also tell that is the best step by step define all  Point see below. PHP Vs JavaScript If seen, both language PHP and JavaScript have different importance. […]

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WordPress Themes Vs Templates

WordPress Themes Vs Templates : Html Template

WordPress themes vs templates:– We are providing a difference between WordPress themes and template also explain themes with examples. We will discuss In this article, we will know what happens in it and how we can work with it. WordPress Themes Vs Templates These are some of the points of the WordPress themes and templates […]

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WordPress Custom Page Template

WordPress Custom Page Template & Child Theme Example

WordPress custom page template:- We are providing a list of the custom page that how to create a page in child themes and also define the custom page is not working with all examples here is a list of the point see below.   WordPress Custom Page Template So I will show you how to create a […]

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