How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post & Page

Let’s see, How you can simply hide featured image in WordPress. As well as, you can remove featured image individual posts and pages with the example of code.

.entry-thumbnail {
    display: none;    

Here, we discuss many methods for hiding the feature images in WordPress. According to, Featured images are added to different WordPress themes in their own way.

Likewise, Hide Featured Image in post, page, and homepage. So, explain all types to remove thumbnail images from their own WordPress themes. With code and elementor plugin or any other plugins.

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress

Hence, there are many other ways when to remove the featured photos from your WordPress themes.

Afterward, If you want to easily hide the featured image from WordPress post without using any code. Because you can hide an image with the help of the plugin.

Let’s see, there is an available plugin to hide featured image in WordPress.

  • Firstly, go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • So then, open the plugin menu and click add a new plugin.
  • After that, search a new plugin type hide featured image.
  • After all, install and active this plugin on your website.
Hide Featured Image in WordPress

So, when you install and active plugin then you can some changes from featured image plugin.

After that, go to the menu and click the settings button and then choosing the featured image tab and click this button.

hide featured image in post wordpress code

All in all, you can see there are two choices for hiding image from page and post without using any code you can remove featured image from WordPress.

So, if you select yes from the post option then not visible featured image from all posts. Similarly, the second option for hiding pages image.

Hide Featured Image with Code

To make it easy, you can add code to featured image hide. Let’s see the code firstly I am telling you that there are three parts.

In which displaying the featured images in posts, pages, and homepage.

First, the method you can add CSS code in the WordPress style file. Secondly, ways to remove featured image code from the single post file.

Thus, go to WordPress themes directory here is path projectname\wp-content\themes\themename.php and the main points are for a post click the single.php file and for page click page.php

Finally, you can see thumbnail code in file remove this code from the single page and otherwise comment on the thumbnail code.

remove featured image from homepage

How to Hide Featured Image in Post

Similarly, as you know hide image process through plugin but here. Let’s see with the help of code to hide thumbnail image in post.

Firstly, goto a single post page and get the class or id from the thumbnail code. Therefore, click the right button on the web page and select the image to pick the class and apply this code with the name of code.

.Typeclass {
    display: none;    

Therefore, only you can change the class names in this style code. As well as, hide the featured image from the posts.

Also, you can remove thumbnail code from the single.php file. There are available post content data to find thumbnail code and remove image code. Otherwise, comment the code into the file.

Similarly, added this style code for pages if you want hide featured image from the pages to add code with the class name.

Also, go to the file of page.php from the WordPress directory and remove the thumbnail code.

Remove Featured Image From Body of Post

Here, you can see the best way to remove the featured image from the body of the past.

As a rule, we explained all about in the above section that how to hide featured images from individuals and all posts or pages. As an example, added CSS code for it.

Remove Featured Image from Homepage

Here, we displaying code but make sure to find the homepage thumbnail class name and added class else id in this code hide image from the homepage.

.className {
    display: none;    
hide featured image wordpress css

Hide Featured Image WordPress CSS

let’s see in this example using CSS to hide thumbnail images in WordPress. Therefore, WordPress providing CSS add for some changes to our themes.

Also, we can add custom code through a file structure directory already designed in the above section.

  1. Go to the dashboard and then click appearance.
  2. So, there are options for customization.
  3. After that, inside customization clicks the additional Style code.
  4. Finally, add CSS display none code in your WordPress themes.
.Classname  {
    display: none;    


Finally, I discuss easily solution to hide featured images in WordPress. Also, given some example of code in post and page.

If you want to remove the featured image without using any code. So, use this hide featured image plugin. Also, learn more relative topic about How to Use WP_Query to Display Custom Post Type in WordPress

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