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In this paragraph, I am going to discuss that is Html a programming language or not. Firstly, as we know many technical and nontechnical people are confused that what is Html and what is a programming language.

So we will discuss both topics and as well as about Html in detail with example. Also, we have to show some example with HTML code and define some other programming languages.

After that, learn how to work with us and where we run in this code step by step. Finally, we will provide a small beginner project for you. Most importantly, it will be very helpful for your understanding.

Is HTML a Programming Language

Hence, HTML is a programming language “HyperText Markup Language” which is the most basic building block of the web page.

So, using this programming language make the structure of a web page and defines the different different types of content with the help of Html programming language.

Similarly, when we have to use HTML then it can be created many pages and block for a website. Therefore, there are many options for creating structure.

After that, whenever any programmer starts web programming they start with the Html. Further, because it is a basic programming language and its very easy understanding.

Importantly, Most other programming languages must use HTML. So, many web programming languages are used Html likewise, PHP and scripting language also using Html almost all are using Html for web purpose.

In the same vein, this Html languages are best for web structure and also supporting all web browsers. Also, comfortable for all browsers to run easily any platform. Also, find SQL Insert Multiple Rows

In addition, they provide many types of tags for using the Html. Also, have a new version of Html this version has Html 5. Here, this version has new advanced features of the structure.

Similarly, I will show you all tags of Html and also provide Html 5 tags as well as, we implement a web page in these tags.

Here, these are following some points of Html programming language.

  • HTML is a programming language.
  • Is CSS a programming language.
  • html5 a programming language.
  • javascript is a programming language.
  • PHP is a programming language.
  • is HTML a scripting language.

HTML is a Programming Language

In this paragraph, we discuss all Html tags and as well as how to use them. After that, we give some examples of the HTML programming language.

Here, make a web page should be the main Html tags. So, some tags are basic for Html structured stating tags and ending tags.

Therefore, do not be confused when will stated than I will clear every point actually in this programming language as a rule, whenever each tags starting than it must be closed that tags.

Here, These are the main basic some tags with content likewise, <html></html>, <head></head>,<title></title>,<body></body>,<h3></h3>.

As an example, of Html programming language.



<title>HTML first web page </title>



<p>This is the first paragraph</p>



Is CSS a Programming Language

Similarly, as we know css “Cascading Style Sheets”  is design of strucred language. So, we talk about is css a programming language or not. Thus, no css is technicaly not a programming language its only written markup language .

Where are we use CSS on the web page and how?

After that, when we created any HTML structured for the web page. So, then we include CSS on the page actually on this page has many Html tags and CSS also, using with thee tags.

Firstly, CSS can be implemented in the Html page with 3 types. However, it can be used as internal, external, and inside the tags. Now, we define all types implement of CSS in the below section.

In addition, CSS is used for designing on our page. Further, as we want to my page color full and content highlight and make attractive blocks in the page. therefore we must use CSS every web-based language are used CSS.

As an example, Of CSS “Cascading Style Sheets”



<title>Impliment Cascading Style Sheets</title>



<p style=”background:#f1f1f1; color: #ffffff; font-size:15px”;>Hello World</p>



is html a programming language

Is HTML5 a Programming Language

Hence, Html5 is a programming language as well as, there are very advance tags for design structured on web pages. Also, we have to define some html 5 tags after that showing how to impliment.

Similarly, as we know the same as Html but they have given some more tags in this html5. Afterward, we learn the above section about Html and Html 5 both are available many tags are the same.

So, which we make contact management structures with the help of html5. Likewise, <article><article>, <h1> to </h6>, <header></header>, <footer></footer>, <nav></nav>, <section></section>. Hence, HTML syntax more example available on this link find it.

Is JavaScript a Programming Language

Here, JavaScript is an object-based language many nontechnical people do not know that javaScript is a programming language.

By the way, it has a scripting language they run on a web browser if you want to know more in detail that what is javascript and how to work as well as, the main difference Difference Between Java and JavaScript using under the Html.

usually, javascript language very easy to understand and very helpful for a developer. So, JavaScript client-side scripting language on the browser.

Is PHP a Programming Language

Hence, as we know PHP is a programming language and server-side language as well as, have support ops “object-oriented programming”.

Thus, PHP work on a web browser to make the dynamic page and static page. Therefore, the PHP programming language is a very popular language for design dynamic html a programming language

So, if you want to know PHP in details find how to work and syntax of PHP follow PHP Vs JavaScript

Is HTML a Scripting Language

In this paragraph, as we know Html is not scripting language HTML content structures design for the webpage.

So, many people ask relative Html is the programming language we define all points with the example of Html find all above, section.

After that, discuss already but now we talk that Html is not scripting language actually Html a programming language. Thus, in which use for web page structured designing with using other languages like PHP, Javascript so on…


Finally, is Html a programming language topic and as well as consider cover many other topics when many people did not about that. Also, we share some examples of other languages in the article.

As a result, you should be learned these are topics, and if any queries relative will be asked from the comment section. After that, learn the most important article of programming language Top 10 programming languages 2020

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