JavaScript Date Format mm/dd/yyyy & More All Layout

Javascript date format mm/dd/yyyy:- Every Javascript language user expecting how to set date format.  Do you know how to change the date format? I share with you the best techniques to use with examples of layout.

Above all, Let start how to create and show the date using javascript. we have to show and give you code also explain how to set date format on your page with it

JavaScript Date Format mm/dd/yyyy


var date_format = new Date();

document.write(innerHTML = date_format.getMonth()+'/'+ date_format.getDate()+'/'+date_format.getFullYear());

So You can see below here is your code as you know the date format. In this code create an object for date and then stored these abject a variable.

Generally, Variable name date_format you can change variable as you want and next step do print date like javascript date format mm dd yyyy.

Now you can create and customize these codes there are many functions about the date. Javascript are providing more date() function on official websites javascript link 

Following are the table of contents

  1. Format dd-mmm-yyyy
  2. Date output format
  3. Date format yyyy-mm-dd hh mm ss
  4. how to change date format from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy in javascript
  5. Date to string format
  6. javascript date format function

Date format dd-mmm-yyyy

javaScript date format:–  Similarly here are codes for this format but some change regarding show your month date and year. We are showing some function below we use it.

  1. getMonth()     ( We are using for month )
  2. getDate()        ( Also using get-date )
  3. getFullYear()  (show for year )
var date_format = new Date();
    document.write(innerHTML = date_format.getMonth()+'-'+ date_format.getDate()+'-'+date_format.getFullYear());

javascript date output format

To create a dating format script with this format an example. So there are uses id for showing output format with the help of Html structure. Otherwise, Below can see the full script code and define it.





Javascript Date Format





javascript date format mm/dd/yyyy

JavaScript Date Format yyyy-mm-dd hh mm ss

Finally, this format is the same but include hours, minute, and second. Code is the same and syntax the same function insert in this code you can see below example about it.




Javascript Date Format




Output in this format

javascript date format mm/dd/yyyy


How To Change Date Format From dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy in javascript

After, dd/mm/yyyy to mm//dd/yyyy is similarly the same that how to change we given you syntax follow it and apply format as you want. also, read JavaScript Change Background Color

Also, You can make it all format as you like we already that format copy and paste on your page. This is only a rearranged format check it below.


document.getElementById("date").innerHTML = date_format.getMonth()+'/'+ date_format.getDate()+'/'+date_format.getFullYear();


Javascript Date Format Function

In this case, we are providing code in function because whenever we use this code so only coll function for date format through this.

we can create more function and apply anywhere when you need. Now we give you some example about function with the code lets starts to see it.

Here is code 


Afterward, We are discussing all the topic in this article hope you understand. If you have any other issue and queries relative to this and so on you can ask the comment section.

We sure have to solve as you want with us. You can read more articles with us:- WordPress custom page template



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