Link JavaScript to Html & CSS | Include External JS

Link JavaScript to Html:- Javascript link is the most used every website. In today’s time, all the websites use it. There are many benefits to using it. This makes our website attractive. So We will explain in detail about it further.

These are some points which we explain to you in detail.

  1. How to link javascript to HTML and CSS.
  2. javascript includes external js.
  3. link javascript to Html external.
  4. External javascript file not working.
  5. Internal javascript Html syntax.
  6. In Body tag javascript link With examp[le

Link JavaScript to Html

So Now you understand What javascript link. From this, as we know this link. So we are giving you the JavaScript code and how we can use it below. We have given all the ways. You can use it as you want and we can use it with an example.

What is the javascript link:-

Javascript link is this code and some tags with which we run on our website and page. So that we can use it anywhere on the page and can also run from outside. It has the function to perform page link and event performance

As we know this JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. So we use JavaScript from tags and libraries. They have to provide many libraries, therefore, we require a JavaScript link.

JavaScript Include External Js

How to use Javascript external link. We do it from one page to another page. So Javascript external link is used. Either we can run our own custom code by creating an external link file.

In addition, we also provide our own libraries from which we called the CDN link. We can also use it below, you can see that we have given an example.

javascript link


Here is your code

How to link javascript to HTML and CSS

So Now We will show you how we give a link to a JavaScript link and in the head section with example. Which is the standard way for the developer to give the link in the head section.

Whenever we provide an external link. They give it in the head section only.

javascript link


Here is your code

Internal JavaScript Html

We can keep the javascript link anywhere. Below the page, we have given an example of how the body section may contain the code.

We can run the link anywhere on the page and run your code. But the standard way in the head section. If you say that you can run the code of JavaScript on the page. Then as we have shown below, you can also do this.

javascript link

Here is your code

External javascript file not working

Javascript link not working, it can get an error in some way like syntax error or file path error. Therefore if you want to use your javascript library then it can also version issue.

Syntax Error:- 

However, we have to check the JavaScript code syntax error.  No code is missed. you can also use the external link given above.

Path Error:-

Most importantly if the address of your file can also be wrong. Then you also check your file path. Then try to run the code will fix it.

JavaScript Version Issue:

For example, In this, there can also be an issue of version. If you want your JavaScript library to do it. Then you can also try to update the library link.

Link JavaScript to Html


In this article, we have cleared the related topic from the whole JavaScript link. I think it will help you a lot if you have any problem related to it you can ask us.

In this article, we have given you the link used in a website with all the examples. More relative article follow this link:- How to Get Radio Button Value jQuery


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