PHP Vs JavaScript which is better & performance

PHP Vs JavaScript: – Hello Guess, as you all know about PHP and javascript language will tell about both of these and along with this their performance will also tell that is the best step by step define all  Point see below.

PHP Vs JavaScript

If seen, both language PHP and JavaScript have different importance. The PHP is the server-side language and the javascript is the client-side language.

Both languages are object-oriented suppressed. The PHP is the most popular language, know the server-side whatever we perform the functionality on the backend with the PHP.

Now with JavaScript, we can perform client-side events. By doing this with JavaScript, we can do a lot of tasks from the client side itself. It is very helpful and the lightweight developer optimizes our time and code.

Now By doing this we can support JavaScript in any browser. it can also use object-oriented programming in javascript. let’s start the PHP Vs JavaScript difference.


  1. It’s a client-side scripting language.
  2. it can use object-oriented programming in javascript.
  3. This is a lightweight scripting language.
  4. javascript is also an open-source language.
  5. The performance of the JavaScript scripting language is also fast.
  6. This language is also platform-independent.


  1. This is a server-side scripting language.
  2. it can also use object-oriented programming in PHP.
  3. lightweight scripting language.
  4. php is also an open-source language.
  5. The performance of the PHP language is slow.
  6. This language is platform-independent. 

PHP Vs JavaScript

What is javascript used for in web design

JavaScript language is best for web designing so that we can perform event performance from the client-side. It is very useful for the developer and can use a framework and library to do JavaScript.

They provide many libraries and frameworks to create dynamic websites. With JavaScript, we can do animation and creative coding and as we options.

This helps the developer make application dynamic and interactive web pages with javascript.

Here is javascript starting and ending tags


These are the framework of javascript 

  1. Angular
  2. Vue.js
  3. Ember.js
  4. ReactJS

PHP Vs JavaScript

  What are PHP and its features with

PHP Vs JavaScript

It is a server-side scripting language and it is a very widely used language and it is an open-source language. Its called “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor“.

It can be to connect with Database and Dynamic Content. So It also has object orient programming. Many platforms are using PHP to write an easy coding help of PHP and we can create attractive dynamic website pages.

Simplify web application development. We can create responsive websites related to HTML syntax. In this many tags and ways should know session, cookie, oops concept.

So, if you want more about it follow on the link Print button code in PHP. At PHP we can make our pages dynamic by connecting to the database.

Here, Let’s now this is PHP starting and ending tags see below.

echo “Hello World”;



In these articles, we have mentioned some points in PHP and JavaScript. Along with that, we have also done both topics if you have any query related to this, then you can ask us.

Here, we have written some blogs related to more developers where we have told step by step all concept. So, go and check on the WordPress themes vs templates

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