Python Pass – Statement, Continue, Break | Examples

Every developer wants to know python pass which is a pass statement that is used to do nothing. it can be used inside a loop or if statement to represent no operation.

pass is useful when we need a statement syntactically but we do not want to do any operation.

These are the main topics users want to know.

  • What is Python Pass?
  • Why a pass used in Python?
  • What is the difference between a pass and a continue in Python?
  • Where do we use the pass in Python?

What is Python Pass

We have to use to any contains when we pass the condition with the help of a statement. By the way, the pass is the keywords of statements. That is why we use to pass because  When we didn’t result in condition then we use it pass. So In the below side, a gave an example to find out that pass keyword.

Let’s take an example:-

if(condition): (if this condtion is true)
    pass    (do not performance any operation)
    Statements (So only else will execute when condition false)

Why a pass used in Python?

We are using pass python inside the loop like while loop or for loop etc. So when we use inside the condition.

Under our conditions is true but we didn’t want to result to mention pass keyword and it is a pass to else conditions after that loop running to continuous.

Let’s give an example to implement inside for loop and if statement.   

for i in range (1,101):





What is the difference between Pass and continue in Py

Pass Py used for any Contiondtion is true but we ignore that value so we can use the pass with the help of pass keyword and continue which is used when the statement is true.

we can show anything inside the loop after that using continue keyword


for i in range (1,101):






Python Pass


These are some point we must know

  1. python pass arguments
  2. Define pass continue
  3.  pass vs return

Py Argument

So pass py arguments mostly we are using in function. Actually when we create a function then mention an argument in the function break it. We use the function repeatedly and anywhere with the argument. JQuery Radio Button Checked

So When I called the function can pass any argument. We have to give a function to pass the example of the argument.

def our_functioh(*myargs):

my_function('Hello Worlds to pass arguments')

Python Pass continue

Similarly, we used pass keyword also can be used continue actually both are keywords but When the condition have true they didn’t repeat this condition but with the continue, keywords are used to loop statement repeat continues.

if 15>2: true conditions

Pass vs return

As well as we know pass we totally mention it with the example you can find above the content section. So return use to basically inside the function. India news latest

when we got the result through the return whenever we used the return and comes to statements is true so can be print a value with pass python.


Additionally, I define all topics relative pass If you still have trouble, you can ask us. Also, you can ask another topic relative to any issues and bugs of programming languages drop your queries in the comment box.

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