Row Vs Column : Cell Example of Table in Excel

We are going to explain row vs column when we the to arrange the data in a logical and concise manner. Hence, we know the main difference column vs row such as there are rows and columns for arranging the data only basic format.

therefore, that data can be easily viewed from the table and make reusable logic from this arrangement. Here, we explain all points of data arrangement.

As well as, what is row and column in the table with example step by step basis concepts. Also, define the main difference between row and column.

row vs column

Thus, many technical and non-technicals people have confused row vs column and cell. So then, we explain each point specialized with the example for separate each point in the below sections.

Row vs Column

Firstly, there are showing some main points for each row and column with the comparison points.

Here, the following points of rows

    1.   The row is arranged data horizontally right to left such as in the table any number of table rows. So, the data insert arrange rows wise the same as insert another rows.
    2. Next, in any sheet-like MS Excel represented the all rows number for indicate rows. Also, we add a condition one and more rows with the number in the sheet using excel.
    3. Hence, in the table the same number of the line of rows. Usually, we called R1, R2, R3, and so on explain in detail in the below sections with table example.

Also, the following points of Column

  1. The column is arranged data vertically from top to bottom like any data the add a wise column of particular data-name, age, address, and contact so on.
  2. The column represented the letters in the table. As an example, in the table, multiple data has and some column each column denoted by letters when we add conditions for specific columns then using those letters for it.
  3. So, the column contains values vertically of any data from the table. As well as, these types of the sheet using major of database and MS excel.

Difference Between Row and Column

The arranged data horizontally of the rows.Also, the arranged data vertically of the column.
So, The data arrangement from left to right.Here, the data arranged from top to bottom.
Thus, The rows indicated by the number in the table.The column indicated by the letters in the tables.
Thus, in the database table called these records.Here, the database table called these fields.


Row vs Column Excel

Similarly, as we Explain the above section such as in the excel sheet. Thus, in the ms excel, there have many sheets for the arranged data. So, we used this ms excel sheet to generally add the data by the logically.

By the way, get a single of ms to excel there have multiple rows and columns. So, many people and management want the official data to arranged sheet because they have to implement mathematics conditions.

As well as, make a sheet easily viewed rather than. So, there are many such companies data arranged by the ms excel. therefore, they use big data when we need a lot of data with the help of an excel sheet.

row vs column

After that, we are showing an excel sheet you can see there are many rows and column. Afterward, see the column bar in the header section the column are visible letters form.

As well as, we can see rows section is indicated numbers in the sheet. Over there, in this sheet, they have given many features of the design for data arranged.

Likewise, we implement the design in our sheet such as header design to consider the main heading specific line as you want on the excel sheet.

Under, the header of the excel sheet provided the font design structured column and rows in excel. In this case, make change the font size for the heading.

As a rule, the main point has a formula on the header section. So, if you want to add some rows and column fields value using formula add one or more rows and column can be added by the formula concept.

What is Row and Column in Table

Here, created a table and insert some data to explaining row and column that which is the row and column in the table.


As a rule, above the section a table in which table has some data if you know in this table four rows and three columns.

What is the row

Hence, each row identified the number of records in the table. For example, string the table first records harry is the top it means the number of one and rocky number of 2 same as all so on.

Therefore, there should behave many rows and then added the number each record by the sheet. As well as, learn the relative topic in which explain in details with example SQL Insert Multiple Rows

What is the column

Firstly, As we saw row section the same as each column identifies by the letters. For example, above the section has a table there are have three column numbers, name, and age.

Hence, each column identified fields value in the table like getting a column fields age they show different ages value in that column. So, if you want to learn in details follow this link Primary Key SQL

Row and Column Confusion

Generally, you have to see many students confused that column and rows how both data are the same but how to identified about row vs column.

For example, find the above section and image there are mention rows and columns with the written and graphically. Also, if going to talk about a table and have much data then make the data average using rows and columns.

As an example, when you saw the first data in the table left to right this is the row. Also, seen in the data top to the right in the table that is the column.

Therefore, do not be confused because the records are the same but specified a record in both rows and columns. Likewise, I got someone details then I checked only one rows how is the person and checked person fields which are denoted the column.

Column vs Row Database ( SQL )

In this paragraph, we will discuss row vs column in the database. Hence, Many developers who using database tables are confused that someone often asks about columns and rows on how to link databases.

After that, explain all the points in this section column vs row. So, let’s think about the database what is the database.

So, Collections the records within the tables are called to the database. For example, the database is a collection of data. many programmers are using for data formatting.

By the way, when created a SQL database for formating the table. after that, we need tables for different purposes to store the data in the SQL database.

Hence, whenever creating a table they given an option for fields that is the column options. As well as, when adding the records in the table they created automatically the number of rows consists of data.

row vs column

For example, showing a user table in which there have records in this table. Thus, you can see there have the data of a single row and multiple columns like id, user login, user pass, user email so on.

So then, explain all points about database columns and rows with the example the same as we will be created other tables and insert the data to stared the database.

Under, the table does not confuse columns and rows many clients ask regarding database structured before starting the database table. So, if insert multiple data in the storage how to get the specific data.

Therefore, the database is given a number of queries and conditions for getting the data from the table.

As well as get only row records and column records with the conditions. Also, learn more database query and need to follow SQL Aggregate Functions

What is Row column and cell?

Here, we are going to discuss the only cell because about row and column we already discuss any topics with the example you can see in this article above sections.

Under, the sections explain each and every comparison column and rows. Also, specific give some examples to the image and tables.

So, let’s start with the cell as we know that cell the exact value of row and column that is a cell. For example, I have a student table in which the number of student records is available.

After that, we need only one student record values. So, in one student records has three fields name, age, and class then getting only name field a single row this is a sell.

Thus, if you did not understand what is cell them firstly see the above section image and then write this paragraph make sure you understand better than.


Finally, we saw each example relative row vs column. As well as rows are identified a number left to right and column identified letters top to bottom.

Thus, explain column vs row concept with the comparison with the table example in this article. So, if you have any other queries regarding it drop your suggestion in the comment box.

Also, we have to give you suggestions to learn the most important topic must know about in details relational algebra


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