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In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss SQL insert multiple rows. Firstly, we will learn to insert multiple rows in a database table with an example. Also, we have given you all oracle insert queries with code.

Even more, we guide that how to implement and insert rows with select using MySQL. Secondly, many people want to learn about MySQL query properties. So, we will explain all points with an example.

Most importantly, how to insert multiple rows in SQL using the loop. Therefore, in the below section we have to cover all these points.

Here, These are some following points which we Explain in our article

  • SQL insert multiple rows
  • MySQL insert multiple rows
  • SQL insert multiple rows from select
  • How to insert multiple values in a single column in SQL
  • SQL insert multiple rows from another table
  • How to insert multiple rows in SQL using the loop
  • SQL insert multiple rows with the same value

SQL Insert Multiple Rows

After that, insert multiple rows in the table using insert syntax which is the same as single insert rows. So, we have to use value likewise, single rows than there is the same process but include coma and insert the value of another row in your query.

In this paragraph, we were given a syntax with insert multiple rows. Also showing how to insert records in the table in the below section an example of table records.

Hence, we need some records data for the insert records after that creates a table in the SQL database when we created a database table. Afterward, apply SQL insert Query to insert the records find the below section explains step by step.

Here, syntax

INSERT INTO table_name

( Column 1, Column2, Column3, column4, column5, column6 )

VALUES ( 'value1', 'value2', 'value3', 'value4', 'value5', 'value6' ),

( 'value1', 'value2', 'value3', 'value4', 'value5', 'value6');

For example,

INSERT INTO StudentTable

( Rollo, Name, Class, Contact )

VALUES ( '1', 'Jonny', '10th', '9856245'  ),

( '2', 'Ronny', '12th', '5421545'  );

Here, StudentTable


Further, in the above section INSERT INTO statement is used to insert add new data in a database. Therefore, there are insert two records rows in the table it means multiple records insert with the query.

Similarly, two or more data records insert in the table than the same as the insert query but add another value as you want to insert in the table.

MySQL Insert Multiple Rows

Here, We insert 3 rows of data records for example of multiple records. So, if you want more data to insert with query add more query same as value than you can insert multiple data with this syntax.

INSERT INTO StudentTable

( Rollo, Name, Class, Contact )

VALUES ( '1', 'Jonny', '10th', '9856245'  ),
( '2', 'Ronny', '12th', '5421545'  ),
( '3', 'john', '5th', '012121'  );

Here, StudentTable


Here, MySQL Single records example as we know many developers want to implement a single syntax of insert rows. So, we provide a single insert row example find the below section and apply your project.

INSERT INTO tableName ( column1, column2 ) VALUES( 'value1', 'value2' );

So, these are the example and explanations MySQL to insert multiple rows. Now, you need to insert with select query explain with the example go to the below section.

sql insert multiple rowsSQL Insert Multiple Rows From Select

For instance, as you have seen above example of SQL insert multiple rows but now, we have to define with the help of select query.

Firstly, we have to create a table with common expression after that, apply to insert statement. So, the result is a set of derived to select statement. Moreover, insert multiple rows in SQL database with the insert statement.

For example, Create a table




Floor (255),

Room (255),

Certainly, this is the booking table in this table created 3 columns and follow this code in your MySQL query will be created table as well as, we have to insert some records in the table with insert statement syntax.


( No, Floor, Room, )

VALUES ( '1', '2', '2'  ),

( '5',  '4', '4'  );

Also,  As a result of the table 


After that, retrieve the data from the booking table. Therefore, there are a using a select statement with the condition than all records of table rows showing as you are showing according to column rather than all records.

In addition, actually there is a condition in select statement syntax when you fetch the data in the booking table. So, add your condition for showing your records. Check more points Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Here, Select statement output

SELECT * FROM booking;

As a result, in the above example showing a ‘*’ star symbol, this Indicates all value of rows. Therefore, when we use this symbol need all the data from the table. So, if we define only column name so it will be shown only a specific column.

SELECT room FROM booking;

Multiple Values in a Single Column in SQL

Similarly, as we define multiple insert values for all columns just like that add a specific statement for the single column. Firstly, we define statements and show an example relative insert multiple values in a single column in SQL.

As an example, how to insert multiple values in a single column in SQL


( CustomerName )

VALUES ( 'RONNY'  ), ( 'HARRY' );

As a result, the customer table only indicates a column. So, the column name is CustomerName, and as well as, add two records first record of RONNY and another record HARRY in a single column insert multiple values.

Multiple Rows From another Table

Hence, when we can use another table to insert multiple rows. Therefore, we must be used to join the table if we have to apply for multiple tables then use a full join table of SQL insert multiple rows from another table.

Most importantly, know the table join that what is the table joins and how to implement it in the MySQL table.

So, to know about table join find Relational Algebra there have all examples and statements to insert multiple rows from another example.

After that, you will implement the above concept which we define an example on that syntax statement. Now, we are going to guide you another way to insert multiple rows in the below sections.

How to Insert Multiple Rows in SQL using Loop

WHILE ( conditions ){

// SQL Statement


In conclusion, we define while loop in the above example and there are show conditions in between put the SQL statement for the multiple rows. So, I will show you in the while loop example for insert multiple rows in SQL.

$a = 1;

WHILE (  $a < 10){

INSERT INTO Demo ( id, name ) VALUES ( '1', 'Rohan' );


As a result, in this example, we have to show the insert statement there are two-column. So, the insert value to 10 times in the rows of the table because in condition mention rather than 10 value of 10.

Therefore the result will be shown with the same value records in the table. Now as you want to result in you must be set the condition and also make the dynamic insert statement.

As well as, we are using another loop as being recurrent there is a lot of example of insert multiple rows in SQL using the loop.

Insert Multiple Rows with the Same Value

Similarly, you should be implemented above section insert statement now, tell you how to set syntax in your code. So, need to insert multiple rows with the same value then define multiple records many times in your insert statement.


( No, Employee, salary, )

VALUES ( '1', 'IT', '20,000'  ),

( '2', 'IT', '20,000'  )

( '3', 'IT', '20,000'  );

Afterward, we mention are there 3 values insert in the company table as a result, all records are the same. So, the employee is not the same for the specific table.

After that, when you want to insert value a single table there is necessary a column defined for unique id this name is primary if you want to know more about finding Primary Key SQL there are available all examples for creating a table.

In addition, As you need all same column then you use another table and insert value on it. as a result, it will be showing all same records whole column.


Finally, we discussed the main topic of how to insert multiple rows in SQL and relative topics too. So, you implement these syntaxes in your program. After that, you didn’t get any points to show us will be discussed.

In conclusion, make sure these points will clear and then also, learn about the same point Union Symbol if you have any queries you can ask and drop in the comment section.

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