WordPress Custom Page Template & Child Theme Example

WordPress custom page template:- We are providing a list of the custom page that how to create a page in child themes and also define the custom page is not working with all examples here is a list of the point see below.

  WordPress Custom Page Template

So I will show you how to create a custom page on your website as you know to start with your file structure in the root directory there are so many pages I have show pages structure. I will define some main directory and files from word press file structure.

WordPress Custom Page Template

Here is list see that extension file .php go to your file root directory

Following these step

  1. go to the root of file structure -> your project name folder
  2. then go to the folder -> wp-content
  3. Also open themes folder -> themes
  4. After go to your themes on the list.

Here is path following this link for create custom template \xampp\htdocs\student_project\wp-content\themes

So start the first step when staying in main files you can create a custom template to do right-click and select a new file with extension .php below example you can see screenshot.

I have to prove after this process goes inside open the file and mention default comment they provide for a custom page create.

I created a file student.php in file structure show list

WordPress Custom Page Template

And go to open file student.php and also insert code we prove template code also write about JQuery Radio Button Checked Event By Id

Template Name: Student

WordPress Custom Page Template

These are work from backed this is finish also how to show this temple on the admin dashboard area. So go to the admin dashboard to create a new page for with title and select template. who made right now select the from the sidebar here is get all create template will provide an example below show the image. HTML Syntax

WordPress Custom Page Template

Go to the admin dashboard click the Add New button after write title something when select template sees this.

WordPress Custom Page Template

Now you have done successfully create a custom template. We give you a code you can paste your page there are also has header and footer. You can paste in your page and display any code as you want.



Template Name: student
<?php get_header(); ?>

<h1>Here is your code as you</h1>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

WordPress custom page template not working

It has an issue with the main problem many users doing. So how to fix there is no major problem firstly check your template open and close your PHP codes. After that check template name and check your directory path when you are not able to path then fix your path has to provide.


WordPress custom page template in the child theme

If you want to create a custom page using child themes  so let start step by step all step about child themes and how to implement child themes using your themes with example

How to create a child theme in WordPress 2019-2020

When you will create a child themes go your main directory we will give you an example about all steps following those steps below.

  1. go to file directory follow this path student_project\wp-content\themes and create a folder in this path main standard ways for creating child themes. When you are creating child themes folder main themes folder and child themes folder name both are the same but the main point. Added a child themes folder like a student to Student_child 
  2. Then inside child themes folder should create file one of  the function file another file style and also include assets below example function.php and style.css
  3. Added this code in the style file
Theme Name: student Child
Theme URL: https://wlearnsmart.com
Description: student Child Theme
Author: Developer
Author URL: https://wlearnsmart.com
Template: web learn smart
Version: 1.0
Text Domain: student-child
*/ Custom CSS goes after this line

After that added a coded below this code some line for parent themes items including by this code

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_parent_styles' );

function enqueue_parent_styles() {
   wp_enqueue_style( 'parent-style', get_template_directory_uri().'/style.css' );



Custom page template in child themes

Now let’s insert a file whenever you want to create put a file name to create a new file in this child themes and add custom-template.php following the same process. As we mention above paragraph if you are done this step after that go to the dashboard create a new page and select a template from the sidebar.



WordPress provides many ways and define a custom template and child themes with codes. If you have any queries about article please contact and leave a comment sure. I will give your reply at a time if you have any other queries about the developer field please ask hope helpful for my side.

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