WordPress Themes Vs Templates : Html Template

WordPress themes vs templates:– We are providing a difference between WordPress themes and template also explain themes with examples. We will discuss In this article, we will know what happens in it and how we can work with it.

WordPress Themes Vs Templates

These are some of the points of the WordPress themes and templates that describe what the two topics have in common.

What is a WordPress theme template

  1. We design and create lots of pages, themes.
  2. Also, create child themes using themes.
  3. It can create multiple tasks that perform in themes.
  4. It has already been functionalized and designs on the pages.
  5. We Cannot do custom code in WordPress themes.
  6. In these templates, we can use only a single page template.

WordPress default page template

  1. In this, we can do custom code using the template.
  2. It’s just a single page.
  3. can do this template everywhere.
  4. We also can do static code and task performs on the templates page.
  5. we should do multiple tasks performs on the default template page

What is WordPress theme

You are going to tell us what are WordPress themes and how we can use them. The Thames is already designed and custom coded and has a lot of functionality, through this we can show the page how we can design the page as we say.

In this, we can create many sections and we can keep them as we say, but in this, we get everything by default.

So We also get header and footer design due to WordPress themes and how we can design it and how we can do it anywhere headers and footers in your themes.

We can also do some plugins using themes, which are also called our themes. Themes also provide us design formats so that we can design pages easily and the color is also changed.


What is the WordPress template hierarchy

The template is the part of the themes that we make default. In this, we can do custom code and functionality to do the task. By creating a template, we can do the themes anywhere, as we can.

In the template, we can also do custom code by doing it jquery and styling. So Whenever we do a new task, we make a template that is not found in the themes and we can give the size of the page as per it.

WordPress Themes Vs Html Template

The HTML template is the same task and just by designing the HTML Syntax Example, we can define and make our template look better.

Through the template, we can do the Html tags and design code properly so that we do not have to design the themes, we can do it by ourselves.


If you have any information related to it or problem or problem in your website, then you can ask us, we will definitely help you, contact us, we have this article,

Make sure you will understand everything, if you say how to do it practically, then below You can see it by clicking on the link. we are providing code with example WordPress Custom Page Template

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